Ah, December is finally here! Time for snow, hot chocolate and…heartbreak? Korean Pop group, EXO is back at it again with a new smooth R&B track: Miracles in December.
The music video is filmed using filtered light so the images look diffused and hazy around the edges, a distinct feature from EXO’s past videos. All of the members were present and they were each doing a different activity (painting a picture, looking at something etc.) while thinking of the person they loved. Throughout the video it is revealed that they person they are preparing gifts for is no longer with them. We don’t know if they broke up, or if the perhaps their special someone passed away. It’s up to the viewer’s imagination to create the backstory for this video, everyone will relate to differently based on his or her experiences. The acting was surprisingly good, specifically Tao and Kris. Loss and love reflected in their eyes and when the tears welled up and streamed down their faces it looked completely genuine and heartbreaking.
Mixed into the music video were cuts of D.O., Baekhyun, and Chen singing. Unfortunately, SM did reuse one of their sets again as it did look really similar to one’s in previous EXO or SM videos. After a while the music video became predictable at times, I mean after all they were just panning from member to member. I was waiting for one of those heartbreak moments, you know the kind that makes your heart drop to the floor and shatter into a million pieces? For me it was when Kris and Tao cried and when the girl was facing Sehun and then in a blink of an eye she disappeared.
Now time for the song, the lyrics are by Yoon Sara and I must say it’s a beautiful piece. If you are not fluent in Korean, I suggest that you watch the subbed version of this video, it will make you fall deeper in love with this song.
SM picked the perfect people to sing it. I first fell in love with all three of these boys when I first heard EXO K&M’s version of What is Love back when they first debuted. And oh gosh, it’s just vocals galore. You have D.O.’s soft hypnotizing voice, Baekhyun’s husky and soulful voice, and then you have Chen whose voice is also soulful but with a little extra kick. What makes it even better is that you can hear the emotion behind every word they sing.

So thanks SM and EXO, for making my heart all achy-breaky. Sniff sniff.


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